Rio's Biography

RIO is the union of two old friends but above all two directors: Roi and Ota.

Previously their training experience has to do with feature films, commercials and video clips from the late ‘90s and the beginning of 2000’s.

Roi has worked mainly as editor in the most prestigious and award-winning independent features films and the most important internationally known Argentina advertising.

Ota developed his career in the departments of production and direction of award-winning productions in feature films and major advertising productions of Spain and Argentina. Then they started directing.

While they direct separately in their countries of residence (Roi in Argentina and Ota in Spain), RIO is the brand they have created together for the intl market.

Roi mainly from his successful career as editor has become a great stroyteller and car director, Ota develops the side that complements the joint work mainly from managing actors.
The technique match that they together offer marks a style that’s fresh and full of sensations that they transmit to the viewer.

They have shot for clients like Coca Cola, Sony, Ford, Playstation, Mazda, Fiat, among others.