Mauri D. Galiano

Mauri D. Galiano's Biography

auri D.Galiano was born in Madrid, Spain, where he started directing music videos in 2010 for independent artists.
He quickly caught the attention of major record label commissioners and started directing bigger projects for labels like
Sony Music, Universal and Warner, where he worked with young and successful
spanish talents as Abraham Mateo, Aitana, Becky G, Ana Mena, Dvicio, CNCO,
Melendi and many more…
His music video works sum ap all together more than 350 million views.

After directing more than one hundred music videos, Mauri started working directing commercials in Spain with Be Sweet
films, and working worldwide as Director & DOP as a freelancer.

Mauri´́s versatility has allowed him to travel all around the world while working
on many different projects for clients such as Pepsico, Wallapop, MINI
(Bmw) Sprinter, Shangri la hotels,Iata, Microsoft, Danube and many more…

He is a visual storyteller heavily influenced by 80´s and 90´s american blockbusters.
He loves to shoot his films with a classic hollywood style but at the same time introducing modern aesthetics
and techniques to create his signature look, mostly defined by
his polished cinematography and camera movement. (He is a highly experienced
cinematographer and signs most of his projects as DOP too)”