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Andrés Cerda Vargas (Mexico City, 1983) has been directing commercials from 2011 for brands such as Nestlé, Coca Cola, Corona, Walmart, Bimbo, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, and others in various countries such as Spain, Georgia, Germany, United States and Mexico.

In 2013 he won the Golden Circle for best young director at the the Creative Circle festival of Mexico. His work has received various awards at different advertising festivals including Effie, Cannes, Eye of Iberoamerica, and the Creative Circle of Mexico.

He characterizes himself for his elaborate art direction, resulting in pieces with a particularly fun humanity. He conceives his projects from a conscientious character design and from there he generates the narrative and the visual universe of the film. Andrés is usually called for projects dealing with visual comedy, children stories, and scripts that require a mix of tabletop and narrative to tell the story.

Presently he lives in Madrid.