Jansen & Rodríguez

Jansen & Rodríguez's Biography

Jansen & Rodríguez are a supersonic Italian Directors Duo that chops the standards, liquifies ideas and mixes techniques until they get that matchless creature; the one that stands with willing heart among the crowd.
They are incisive, creative, visionary, problem solver and production friendly duo. Their individual talents and styles combine to create a unique approach and in all their works, there is an obsession with music, rythm, terrific landscape, beauty, motion, emotions that collapses viewers into our unique world.
As a visual storyteller, their cinematic strengths lie in creating distinctive visuals with sincere characters and setting it all in an emotionally compelling narrative. Their deep love for photography and his determined search for that one frame that encapsulates it all is evident in their work.
In their films you can find a manic attention for every single frame, this unique skill-set has led to work for a wide range of clients and agencies from all corners of the globe. Their function on set like one director with two brains, one mouth. This combination of disciplines created a context for their film, photography and artwork.
Jansen & Rodríguez have not a base, you can catch them everywhere around the world.